About us

Neuronano is an innovative Swedish company that develops products for safer and more effective treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses. Neuronano has developed and patented a new generation of implantable electrodes for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) treatment. The solution comprises thinner, more flexible electrodes that are more biocompatible than those used in today’s DBS treatments. This will most likely result in better patient safety, fewer side effects and improved quality of life.


Neuronano AB was founded in 2006 by Prof. Jens Schouenborg and Investor Per-Anders Johansson with the vision to create a patent portfolio of bio-friendly, implantable electrode technology as well as commercial products that can improve life for people, primarily with Parkinson’s disease. Following groundbreaking research and development both within the company and in collaboration with the Neuronano Research Center (NRC), the company now has complete product concepts that are being tested in the preclinical phass.  There is an enormous potential for this technology to be used very broadly and to treat multiple diseases and conditions.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to invent, patent, develop and commercialise a new generation of innovative electrodes for implantation in the brain and spinal cord. Main focus is on the development of implantable neural interfaces that outmatch competitors. Neuronano intends to make its technology available to patients by entering into commercial collaboration with a suitable partner capable of providing and distributing high quality solutions on a worldwide scale.

Our vision is to develop groundbreaking “Neuro Modulation” technologies (alternative or complementary) to pharmacological treatments for e.g. Parkinson's disease, epilepsia, depression, pain and itch control, control of movements in disabled persons, and also develop a future generation of research instruments for high definition brain research with regard to memory and learning.


The Neuronano Research Center (NRC) led by Dr Jens Schouenborg, PhD is an interdisciplinary Research and Innovation center focusing on developing a new generation of neural interfaces for communication with the nervous system in basic research and clinical applications.

NRC, bridging two major science fields neuroscience and nanoscience, started in 2006 based on grants from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation and a 10 year Linneaus grant from the Swedish Research Council (SRC). In 2017 Dr Jens Schouenborg and collaborators received a six year grant to develop a new type of optrode.

With researchers from the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering (LTH), Science, and Humanity the Neuronano Research Center combine:

Neuroscience, including neuroinformatics, Nano and Microtechnology, Organic Chemistry, Neuroethics

The Vision of NRC is:

“To develop Brain Machine Interfaces for groundbreaking neurophysiological research in the conscious individual and clinical applications that will improve “quality of life” for disabled and individuals with neurodegenerative diseases.”


The future is very promising both for Neuronano as a company and for patients who currently suffer from or are limited by disease, and who may be helped by the technology tomorrow. 

The brain controls most functions  in the body and with electrodes that both register signals and that can produce stimulation, the therapeutic possibilities are nearly endless. 

Neuronano is approaching the clinical phase for Parkinson’s patients.


Neuronano Research Center (NRC) at Lund University, Sweden

Neuronano Medicine (NM), Lund University and Region Skåne


Board of directors

Per-Anders Johansson, Chairman of the board

Jens Schouenborg, Director, Principal Inventor

Bill Caroll, Director

Per Bengtsson, Director

Maria Bech, Director

Hjalmar Bjartmarz, Director