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Neuronano’s technology is initially being developed for patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). However, the potential applications are numerous. Complete product concepts are now in preclinical testing with researchers at Lund University and Aarhus University with the aim to show specificity, improved safety and efficacy. In addition to PD, research is ongoing on how this technology could be used to alleviate chronic pain and epilepsy. Other potential treatment areas include psychiatric conditions as well as utilization of the electrodes as a diagnostic tool for recording brain activity.

For whom

Initially, Parkinson’s patients will be able to benefit from Neuronano’s groundbreaking technology. A more specific and precise treatment without side effects will lead to greater possibilities for a well-functioning daily life. The plan is also to use the technology to alleviate and block chronic pain, for example to help people who suffer from severe pain in the final phase of life, or patients with neuropathic pain. Another area is epilepsy, both for diagnostics and to block epileptic episodes that cannot be helped with medication.


In addition to the advantages of treatment with DBS, Neuronano’s technology means a great deal for research of different brain functions and processes. Bio-friendliness and the potential of the technology to both register signals from individual electrodes and to stimulate different nerve cells will provide new information about how to treat different diseases and painful conditions.


Neuronano has developed product concepts of key challenges in neuromodulation, which has been tested in preclinical tests achieving proof of concept.

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