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    Meet Niclas Lindqvist, one of our scientists

"I enjoy to be close to the action in the laboratory, where things happen"

Meet Niclas Lindqvist, one of our scientistis who are working on development of the DBS-probe. His work mainly focuses on the gelatin, which is a part of the probe, and it involves performing tests and experiments to optimize the function of the DBS-probe.

- What motivates you most in your work? 
One part is the pure technical work which I like, and I enjoy to be close to the action in the laboratory, where things happen. Another part is that we are developing a device which will improve the quality of life for many people, this is important. 

- What experiences or history have helped you fit at Neuronano? 
My basic training includes a MSc in biotechnology, and a MSc in toxicology. I have a PhD in Developmental Neuroscience, and my thesis focused on counteraction of cell death in the central nervous system. After my PhD, I did a postdoc in Spain on receptor signaling necessary for cell survival, and a postdoc in Germany on glial cell responses to mechanical stress. My background is mainly in neuroscience, and have experience in method development. I think this helps in my current role. It is stimulating to be able to work in a scientific field that you have been trained in for many years. 

- What would you say is your contribution to Neuronano's success? 
As my work is mainly lab-oriented, I think it is there that my main contribution is.