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Interactions with pain-related systems - Towards new electrical treatments for chronic pain

Thesis by Matilde Forni

Persistent intolerable pain is still an unsolved issue, which affects not only numerous patients but also brings huge socioeconomic costs.

Matilde Forni at Neuronano Research Center, Lund University, has been working to address this challenge by developing a novel implantable device composed of ultrasoft, hair-like micro-electrodes embedded in gelatin. The device was implanted in rodents and used for high-definition brain stimulation (HDBS) in an area of the brain stem, termed periaqueductal grey (PAG), which is known to contain powerful pain control systems. Another set of microelectrodes was implanted in brain regions involved in the pain experience to assess the analgesic power of HDBS.

The results show that HDBS enables potent, specific, safe, and sustainable pain relief without noticeable adverse side effects. Therefore, HDBS in PAG holds great promise as an efficient treatment of intractable chronic pain disorders. 

You can read Matilde Forni's complete thesis here