• A game changer within precision health!     

At Neuronano AB we are providing novel solutions for achieving precise and side-effect-free deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s patients.

The technology uses a cluster-electrode solution, enabling very precise and focused stimulation. The cluster design ensures that the target area is encompassed by electrodes, which can be individually controlled either as singular electrodes or in arbitrary groups. The individual control enables optimization of which electrode(s) to use in stimulation, while also providing means to avoid stimulation in areas where side-effects arise.

-       This is truly a promising technology for achieving progress in precision health. And furthermore; the technology is not limited to Parkinson’s but can most probably be used on many brain-related disorders like chronic pain, epilepsy, stroke, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. The technology is a game changer! says Jörgen Hager CTO at Neuronano AB.