• Innovative and determined to make a difference

Neuronano AB is determined to make a difference for humankind. As an innovative and inventive company, we operate within the field of advanced neurotechnology to find treatments for diseases that affect people’s life’s negatively on an everyday basis.

For the moment, Neuronano AB is focused on providing novel DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) solutions for alleviating symptoms for Parkinson’s patients. The technology is protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio, which is continuously expanded and optimized as the company’s research advances.

The patent portfolio covers a wide range of patents in various areas of Neuronano’s research. Several patents address the optimization of the implantation method trying to minimize damage to the surrounding tissue. One important area for achieving mild implantation is to use biodegradable vehicle structures, facilitating precise implantation of the ultra-flexible electrodes. To reach even higher positional stability, the self-induced tissue movement can be stabilized as described in another patent family.

One major theme, with several patent families, handle the creation and usage of a precise electrode cluster within the brain, enabling very accurate and specific stimulation. Related issues concern the identification of various electrodes and how to optimize the stimulation scheme in the selective electrode cluster.

In addition to the above, there is development ongoing in other areas with several more patent families such as the use of light-induced and electric stimulation in addition to the controlled release of drugs.

We promise to keep you all updated on our work for a better future!