• From needs to design concepts

Neuronano has completed a project to create product requirement specifications, based on user and patient needs in Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson patients. The project was funded by Vinnova, the Swedish authority for innovation and science.

We are pleased to state that the project has strengthened Neuronano’s competence within the organization considerably when it comes to getting innovative MedTech products to the market faster. By using documented "best practice" methods, the project has reworked identified user needs into product requirements. With the product requirements (i.e. descriptions of usage, safety and efficacy of the device) as a base, concept generation commenced and yielded new product design concepts.
– It’s of great importance to us to ensure products of high standards that we would feel comfortable using ourselves. The new design concepts have been generated partly by conducting deep interviews with users to make sure that we understand every aspect that are of importance to the user, says Jörgen Hager CTO at Neuronano.