• Neuronano interview in ”NyTeknik”

Neuronano is pleased to see that the important research ongoing is getting noticed to an increasing extent. Our principal inventor, Jens Schouenborg recently gave an interview for the magazine ”NyTeknik”, where he explains how new brain technology can improve quality of life and reduce social costs.  

The article draws attention to the Neuronano Research Center’s (NRC) research, which aim to develop groundbreaking treatments for pain and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. Schouenborg, professor of neurophysiology at Lunds University has led the research at the Neuronano Research Center since 2006 and is also the founder of the company Neuronano AB, commercializing new technology to support the treatment of Parkinson patients. In 2006 there were already implantable electrodes, but they were associated with major problems. In animal experiments the electrodes destroyed brain tissue and triggered tissue reactions causing the components to become encapsulated. As a solution, Jens Schouenborg and his research group, have developed very thin, flexible electrodes which minimizes the negative effects on the brain tissue. The electrodes are based on micrometer-thin conductors of gold or platinum, with insulation on the outside.
The technology is so flexible that it can be adjusted to the patient’s brain and thereby theoretically relieve symptoms of chronic pain and other diseases, for example epilepsy and narcolepsy. The method could also be usable in the final stages of life if morphine does not provide adequate pain relief.
 - We have barely scratched the surface in terms of our understanding of the human brain. The technology we are currently developing can give the research a much-needed push in the right direction, says Schouenborg in the article.

 More on the subject can be found in the "NyTeknik" article where Jens Schouenborg talks in depth about his work and the research within Neuronano AB and  NRC. (The article is in Swedish). Read the article here.