• New resource Robin Solnevik!

Robin is 31 years old and lives in Malmö, originally from the countryside of Småland. Loves to work with old watches and keeps being amazed by the fine craftsmanship behind them. Constant improvements really drives and motivates him and perfectionism marvels him. Rides his motorbike on his free time, lifts weights, watches an episode of cartoons every day for relaxation and generally enjoys life.

Robin has a background in watchmaking and economics. He has a deep understanding of fine mechanics and thoroughly understands precision manufacturing. In addition Robin will bring extra resourcing to the manufacturing team, guided with his understanding of details and sharp eye.

Robin brings technical skills and a deep understanding on precision manufacturing and handling of fine structures in metals and other materials. From his training, Robin contributes with highly trained eyes for details and small structures and steady hands for the smallest detail. Robin will work with both the production of probes but also with developing the probe and the manufacturing process. In the short term this will ensure that we can increase the production rate and ensure probes for the coming preclinical and verification testing. In the long term he will keep contributing to the manufacturing, development and also the level of quality with his critical eye.